12 August 2011

The One Barnet Framework - #8 - Project phasing

A mixed portfolio of projects. Does that just mean that there are several projects rather madly all being changed at once ? Yes, it does.

Maximising the potential of your current systems. You haven't managed to do that yet with SAP have you Barnet Council? You have spent years and millions on the system and you still need external consultants to drive it for you.

Mr Mustard has not seen the defined benefits of Phase 1 projects because loads of consultants are still feeling their way through them. You are waiting for external providers to give you prices so that you can work out if external provision will be cheaper or not.

Mr Mustard doubts that given the trouble that phase 1 is causing that we will ever see phase 2.

Indicative = we haven't got a clue.

Now there isn't a key but it looks like the items with a Barnet blue ( seasick blue as Mr Mustard thinks of it ) are the first guinea pigs of One Barnet ( what happens to pioneers - they die ! ) and the projects with no background have just been pencilled in to fill out the chart. There really isn't much point in plotting 2012 to 2015 yet, now is there? Will any of the current councillors or management team still be in Barnet in 2015. Maybe, or maybe not?

Mr Mustard rather cynically wonders if the Customer Insight team drew up this chart as theirs is the only project that spans the first 3 years. It looks like they plan to keep themselves in a job.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Oh Mr Mustard, I think we simply cannot manage without an Insight Team: we rely entirely on their wisdom and perception in Broken Barnet, do we not? Some of them are walking wikipedias, did you know? I say sack a few care workers and expand the Insight and Communications teams, preferably employing them on an open ended, premium rate consultancy basis.

  2. I see that, "Further projects will be defined and scoped as the programme progresses to ensure we can adapt to our internal and external drivers and context as we strive to delivere the One Barnet outcomes."


  3. Eh tu brute

    hopefully soon when the money starts to run out and all the management try to hang on to their lucrative employments or consultancies ?


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