3 August 2011

Permanently temporary !

Where does the money go ?

Well much of it goes on temporary help including some that the permanent staff don't want or need.

Mr Mustard asked, under FOI ( one of his favourite laws ), the following :-

Temporary employees from Hays & other agencies in Revenues & Benefits
Please tell me the number of temps in use today and the total cost for today (to the nearest £1,000)

Here is the staggering answer:

On the 5th of July 2011 there were 53 agency staff working within Revenues and Benefits. Based on the hours worked and the hourly charge rates, the total estimated spend on this specific day was just over £9000.00

Forget the .oo as it is pointless. So that is £9,000 a day or £45,000 a week or £2,340,000 p.a. for temporary help that the department itself says it doesn't need but management says it does. How can the staff possibly get their work done with 53 temps in their way. Who tells them what to do ? 

Please bear in mind that this is only one department with 53 temps. How many are there in use in total?

Just close two libraries, every museum, sack the school crossing patrols, cut grants to voluntary bodies, increase the sums that the disadvantaged have to pay but whatever you do don't get rid of consultants or interims or temps. 

That's One Barnet that is, it will save zillions ( One Barnet - One Day - just not sure which millennium we will be in )

Who believes this One Barnet tosh?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard 

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