12 August 2011

One Barnet Framework - #11 - Equalities statement

Mr Mustard has read the following page a few times but doesn't really understand it. Do you?

Does it mean that the payoff for an Assistant Director will be calculated on the same basis as for the lowest level of employee ? no, Mr Mustard didn't think it did.

No need for you to hunt out your doubtless well thumbed copy of the Corporate Plan 2010-13 as Mr Mustard has extracted the relevant page for you here. It really doesn't say very much, but then what does from this source?

Mr Mustard is in favour of an equal chance for the disabled. He is just a bit worried that Barnet Council are going beyond that, they talk above about different groups including all of those covered by the Equality Act. Mr Mustard does hope that they are not planning to goldplate the legislation.

And talking of equalities, or lack of them, you really should read what the eloquent Mrs Angry has to say about equalities when it comes to the end of pay and display.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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