15 August 2011

The One Barnet Team - all 11 of them as it happens

I am writing regarding your request to the London Borough of Barnet (the Council) under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the FOIA) for access to the following:

- a list of all the posts that exist in order to implement the "One Barnet" project (previously "Future Shape") together with the salary range scale in money terms including any that have only just been recreated and are not yet filled.
- an organisational chart of the One Barnet Team

My response to your request is below.

Posts in existence for the implementation of ‘One Barnet’ together with salary range scale.

One Barnet Programme Manager
£63,681 - £68,574

Project Manager x 6
£41,610 - £50,790

Assistant Project Manager
£35,418 - £38,070

Business Support Officer x3
£29,601 - £31,761
3 Vacant

Please find attached an organisational chart for the One Barnet Team.

The 3 posts are vacant because they were only recently approved in a Delegated Powers Report ( 1321 ) on 26 April 2011.

What does this alternative One Barnet FC cost ? In round numbers, at mid-point salaries, about £472,000 and that is without adding national insurance and other overheads like office space & computers, which probably double the cost of this team.

Of course these 11 people cannot on their own cope with all of the projects that are ongoing and listed in the blog post One Barnet Framework #8 so the probable total team cost of about £1m p.a. doesn't come anywhere near explaining how much One Barnet costs. Reserves set aside for One Barnet in 2011/12 are £5,928,989 ( £6m would have been a more less sensible figure for understanding of quantum - the spend cannot be predicted to £1 in £6m ! )

Do you know of any other posts that are missing ?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. just incredible: they continue to throw our money at this idiotic scheme, yet we have still to see any savings or benefit whatsoever to the residents of this borough. If any benefits do emerge, of course, they will be to the advantage of the big companies who are circling around the LBBarnet, waiting for new opportunities for their fat cat profits: at our expense.


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