8 July 2013

Inadequate review of Residents Forums (social club postponed)

Normally it being the second Tuesday Mr Mustard would host a little social gathering in the Bohemia but he has a diary clash, as he does nearly every night, and so he has to make choices. Instead of drinking beer and chatting with friends about anything at all, Mr Mustard will instead be at Hendon Town Hall at 7pm to attend the constitution committee in order to support Mr Reasonable who has applied his considerable intellect to the agenda and will doubtless give it a damn good thrashing when he gets his 5 minutes to comment. There should still be time for a cheeky half in The Greyhound afterwards (next to the Church Farmhouse Museum that the council closed) so the evening will not be completely dry.

Looking at the "review" that has been done of forums it really is a half-baked amateur effort, and if this is the basis of their decision, cabinet will make a decision based upon an inadequate number of comments. There really does need to be a great drive to gather information about Residents Forums and communication with residents generally. Maybe they should be renamed as One Barnet forums? that would get the message across that a radical transformation programme is underway. It is clear though that the current way in which forums are mis-managed is not acceptable.

Anyway, do come along this evening and watch a collection of councillors talk about changing back to a committee system (away from the cabinet - the gang of 10 with complete power) the Residents Forums and some procedural changes such as to how School Governors are appointed.

The meeting has to finish by 10pm and the Greyhound is open until midnight.

Mr Mustard's social meetings are now going to be held quarterly as he tries to wrest control of his diary back.

Finally a warning for Richard Cornelius. Mr Mustard is going to ask you again about the car the council have stolen and which you promised to sort out 2 weeks ago today. #Fail.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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