3 July 2013

Hey ho

From: First Team
Sent: 02 July 2013 12:16
To: AllStaff
Subject: Appointment of Chief Executive: Recommendation to Council

I am writing to let you know at the earliest opportunity that the selection panel for a new Chief Executive has decided to recommend to Council that Andrew Travers be appointed as Chief Executive of the council.

The appointment of a Chief Executive is of course a decision for full Council and the appointment will be put to Council on July 16.

The post attracted several candidates of the highest calibre but the panel unanimously agreed that Andrew had the range of skills and qualities that will best serve the council over what will inevitably be a challenging time for local government.


Richard Cornelius

Mr Mustard has no axe to grind about Andrew Travers, the individual, in particular although Mr Mustard has more general concerns:

- Travers's tax arrangements when acting as the interim deputy chief executive were deeply unimpressive

- the rate of pay for the job is excessive but i don't blame any of the senior management for sticking their hands out - I blame the Remuneration Committee for not really sinking their teeth into pay scales - they have had a little nibble, that is all

- he is evidently content to push One Barnet through,

but simply questions whether Accountants make the best leaders? This article from the Telegraph gives us all food for thought.

Mr Mustard wonders whether Barnet Council now has such a poor reputation in local government circles that no proven council leaders applied from better run boroughs?
Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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