31 May 2013

Oxfordshire - Putting the Community First

Oxfordshire don't have a slogan which is empty words - they evidently believe in actions speaking louder, so Mr Mustard juxtaposed the hollow Barnet Council slogan.

Mr Mustard is lucky to have many dear friends and one of them, "AA" (you know who you are and you like to remain anonymous) returned from a trip with a little present for him and he was so excited, look, here it is:

(Mr M also received some artisan made Macaroons - all eaten, delicious)

Mr Mustard's friend thought this was a most useful voucher as it meant that for her overnight stay only one voucher was required which saves time and there was no waking up in a panic that you have forgotten to put out a permit for that day.

The price of the voucher wasn't known as his friend was a guest. Mr Mustard surfed across to Oxfordshire and looked up the answer. He was very pleased with the answer he found.

The first 25 visitor vouchers in each 12 month period were the princely sum of 

£ nothing at all.

The next 25 were only £16 for the lot which is a mere 64p each. Now that is what you can describe as "Putting the Community First".

It isn't as if the council make up for it in the price of the resident's permit either. That is only £50 for the first car.

Mr Mustard is going to write to the Cabinet Member whose responsibilities include parking, Dean Cohen, and suggest we have some of these vouchers. If you agree, email him at cllr.d.cohen@barnet.gov.uk

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. You might also surf nearer home to Tory controlled Hillingdon.

    Several years ago my partner suggested that our borough, Haringey, could have a "Gold Card". Her idea was a single swipe card which could be used for all sorts of Council services - including sports, swimming pools; and even for charges like pay-and-display parking. With a substantial discount for residents, of course.

    Recently, we were chatting idly about many good ideas ignored by Haringey. (Until recently a 101 borough where there are always at last 101 reasons why residents' suggestions can't happen.)

    Mik, one of my brothers, said, "Do you mean something like this?" http://bit.ly/16L0oIQ

    You might be especially surprised at the cost of residents' parking.


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