23 May 2013

The Friday Joke - a day early

This week's joke is provided to us by the London Councils' website and refers to the number of parking tickets issued across London in a year

They say 5 million (which is a horrific number as it is) and then list the exact number out, or so they thought, possibly in order to show us how accurate they are, unlike their parking tickets which are often the opposite, but the full number listed is nearly 5 billion not 5 million.

That must be the number they would like to issue?

If you get a parking ticket you might like to download the quick guide to appealing which is on the left hand side of the blog and explains the process in simple terms.

Good luck. Fight to the end.

Mr Mustard

(How long before the website error is noticed and corrected?)


  1. Thanks for this Thursday smile - very welcome.
    I've posted a link to your blog on Harringay Online Community website.

  2. a teensy weeny error; I love it. Also linked back to you.


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