10 May 2013

Keith is bang on the money

As you will have gathered this is a letter published in the Ham & High. Keith Martin is an elder statesman of Barnet and a local publisher. He has an insight into local affairs that is hard to match and was one of the occupiers of Friern Barnet library on the day it closed as naturally to a publisher of books they are important.

Mr Mustard guesses that he also holds local newspapers dear so do please visit the website and/or buy the paper. Although focused on Mampstead and Highgate (what, you never knew!) it does stray in the direction of Barnet sometimes.

Mr Mustard feels that it is likely that the irresponsible course will be followed. The appeal against the decision of Judge Underhill in respect of the NSCSO Judicial Review has now been submitted.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. This isn't the same Keith Martin who was let off his court costs by Barnet Council as a party to the eviction proceedings, is it? Didn't hear much complaint about the costs to the public purse then ;-)


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