22 May 2013

NSL = No sick leave?

photo credit: anonymous member of public (not Helen Michael before you ask)
Mr Mustard has not spoken to this particular traffic warden and doesn't know what the medical problem is but can't believe that elf and safety allows for someone who needs both hands free to use the parking ticket equipment and to use their crutches to stay upright as well as to get about during a long shift of many hours, to be on duty. (The ever lovely & kind Queen of Parking, Helen Michael of Cafe Buzz offered her a free cup of tea and a sit down when she saw her but the traffic warden refused because her supervisor was about.) There is something really morally wrong here. The lady is being inhumanely treated.

He is amazed to see that she has been sent out on the street by NSL rather than given a desk job whilst she recovers.

Be nice to the lady if you meet her but don't let that stop you driving away before she gets the ticket stuck to your windscreen. You are under no obligation to take it from her hand. Then you have good grounds of appeal "the PCN was not served" if it does not get posted to you.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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