7 May 2013

Famous five Barnet Bloggers' open letter

Silence has been golden these last few months on the subject of the alleged assault of Helen Michael, a cafe owner (those words may come back to haunt you Richard Cornelius) which turned out, and no Barnet blogger ever doubted Helen for a moment, to be a real assault, if Brian had swng Helen around much more he could have been appearing in Dancing on Ice, and now finally disciplinary action is to be taken.

Barnet's Bloggers don't sit silent and we have written to the current "leader" of the council, Richard Cornelius demanding some action.You didn't show any leadership Richard last September did you?

This is what we wrote:

Dear Mr Cornelius

On Friday 3 May Councillor Brian Coleman pleaded guilty to the charge of common assault by beating of Helen Michael, in the High Road in North Finchley. Evidence from CCTV was shown in court and proved incontrovertibly that this incident was nothing less than an utterly indefensible act of aggression. It resulted from Councillor Coleman being caught parking in a loading bay, trying to evade the hugely controversial parking payment scheme he had imposed on residents in this borough.

Despite the fact that he has now been convicted of a criminal act of assault, Barnet Council has refused to comment, absurdly claiming that this is unnecessary as the attack did not take place while the Councillor was on council business.

Indeed local Tory members, including leader Richard Cornelius, openly continued to support their fellow member after he was charged, and were privately informing others that the story of the assault was false. Councillor Coleman was suspended from the party only after intervention from Conservative Central Office. Since the conviction, local Conservatives have issued no statement.
By his own actions Councillor Coleman has shown himself to be unfit for public office: such bullying behaviour, dishonesty and hypocrisy are not acceptable in an elected representative of the community. We demand therefore that he stand down from his seat in Totteridge, and that the Conservative Party expel him from membership.

We call on Richard Cornelius, as leader of Barnet Council, and on behalf of the Conservative Party in this borough, to apologise to Ms Michael, and to dissociate himself and his colleagues from this appalling incident. To remain silent is not an option: to remain silent is to condone an act of violence against a woman, and this was and must always be absolutely unacceptable.


Derek Dishman
John Dix
Vicki Morris
Theresa Musgrove
Roger Tichborne

Richard always seems to be on holiday when the proverbial hits the wotsit. Welcome back to Barnet, Richard.

Don't expect the pressure to relent between now and May 2014; will you bother standing?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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