3 June 2013

Winging it

Annesley Ave
Do you live in one of Barnet Homes' estates, specifically Annesley Estate, Church End Estate or Fosters Estate? These 3 estates had parking enforced up until 30 April 2013 by Wing Parking and possibly still are being.

Thanks to another resident who asked the question, using the whatdotheyknow website, Mr Mustard is able to bring you a contract to look at, although the interesting sections have been redacted.

It isn't exactly efficient or very businesslike to be signing a contract, especially one that looks like it has been drawn up by the supplier, so long after it started and only 3 months before it automatically terminated. It makes Mr Mustard question whether any parking ticket issued before contract signature is even valid? He also wonders why a company that was only incorporated in December 10 was given a contract, except it wasn't signed, just 12 months later?

Rather than waiting to see if the redactions are subject to an FOI review, or sent to the ICO as a complaint, Mr Mustard decided to take the direct route. It isn't clear who is getting the money paid by motorists although it looks to be Wing Security rather than Barnet Homes despite the fact that parking is so profitable with Barnet Council making a net profit of £7m on a £12m turnover.

What he would like sent to him by email (mrmustard@zoho.com) is a copy of the permit application form and a copy of a parking charge notice (or whatever they decide to call a parking ticket) and he can then see many of the values which have been redacted.

If you do have such a ticket Mr Mustard doesn't recommend paying it. He recommends you visit the parking cowboys site as they are expert in dealing with private parking tickets.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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