19 June 2013

PCN's cancelled for issue period April 11 to March 13

So here we have a report in which the cancellation of lots of parking tickets is formalised.
Individually they are not large but they do add up somewhat and this is the first report of this kind that Mr Mustard can recall seeing.
There is no data available of the £2,798,473 written off for 2009 to 2011 but the appendices did list out the parking tickets cancelled of those issued from April 11 to March 13.

The pdf format in which the council presented the data wasn't very helpful and Mr Mustard has put it into a spreadsheet for you so that you can look up to see if your old ticket is there and then you can breathe more easily.

The listing is currently in AG number order and you can download the whole listing if you wish and sort it in date order instead by using the filter box at the top of date and then selecting the ascending date sort option.

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