4 June 2013

Well trained traffic wardens?

The parking enforcement contract with NSL requires every traffic warden to have a City & Guilds or BPA qualification. Mr Mustard thought he would take a look at the qualification to see how high a level the bar is set at. He found a sample City & Guilds examination paper for course 1889-501 of 40 multiple choice questions (4 answers to each) for which 60 minutes is allowed. Even without a list of PCN codes Mr Mustard was able to answer 28 of the questions correctly.

Here is a sample question:

24. Which make of vehicle does the badge pictured belong? (Mr Mustard thinks the word "to" has been omitted in error)

a   Chrysler
b   Volkswagen
c   Land Rover
d   Alfa Romeo

and another

39. Which one of the following best describes how a Civil Enforcement Officer should conduct themselves?

a   Politely.
b   Informally.
c   Persistently.
d   Leniently.

If "d" is followed your job as a CEO will not last very long.

Oh go on then, a final question, you are on 100% so far are you not?

1. A vehicle is parked on a double yellow line, under Civil Enforcement which of the following would be issued?

a   Notice of Intended Prosecution
b   Excess Charge Notice
c   Penalty Charge Notice
d   Fixed Penalty Notice

to which the blindingly obvious answer is "c" a PCN.

You are now as well qualified as the typical rookie traffic warden (yes, CEO, I know) which is not really very qualified at all. (There are some good ones but they tend to be the older, wiser, more experienced ones).

The level of knowledge that the contract requires is astonishingly basic. It is little wonder that so many doubtful parking tickets are issued.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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