25 June 2013

Saracens monster CPZ - a review - who knew?

Here is a link to the page.

Tell the council it is overly large, excessively enforced and that a 1 hour restriction would be enough.

The council with their usual rigour have managed to publish two different email addresses on different web pages, one of which misses out the dot and it is a pretty stupidly long email address in any event.

It should be this one eando.consultation@barnet.gov.uk

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

1 comment:

  1. Who needs this CPZ? As a residents of road in mill hill east we don't have a problem with people parking outside our house. The Allianz stadium is 1.6 miles away from our house and takes 32 minutes to walk but all the residents get parking tickets issued by private companies. What the f**** is Barent council doing with our council tax?


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