7 December 2012

The Special Cabinet Meeting was special

Since April 2011 Mr Mustard has sat through between zero and 3 committee meetings of Barnet Council every week. He will possibly soon attend his 100th. Some of them are very dry (pension committee anyone - important but dull). Last night's meeting was always going to be an "interesting" one and the word "interesting is not being used in the style of Steve "interesting" Davis who was unfairly labelled and so until Mr Mustard recovers from the turn of events started by his fellow famous five Barnet Blogger, Citizen Barnet, which brought to boiling point the seething resentment of residents that has simmered away for the last 2 years, here is a short film from Mustard Movies

Mr Mustard will comment later. He is helping the Green Party allotment with use of the blogger bus this morning to get materials for raised beds. 

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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