21 December 2012

Crapita - Did anyone from Barnet ask Sefton anything?

The Jolly Roger - look out for pirates from Sefton

So still on the Capita Symonds website was the following puff piece:

Capita Symonds’ ten year strategic partnership with Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council officially began in October 2008.

Key facts
Start Date: 1st October 2008
Duration: 10 Years
Value of Contract: £70 million
Primary Office location: Magdalen House, 30 Trinity Road, Bootle, L20 3NJ

Capita Symonds’ ten year strategic partnership with Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council officially began 01 October 2008, with the TUPE transfer of over 120 employees. The £70m partnership, which includes the option of a five year extension, will see Capita Symonds working with the council to deliver a wide range of projects and services.

The formation of a partnership is a bold and exciting step, which places Sefton MBC at the very forefront of public service delivery; providing the investment needed for transformation and ultimately world class services for the citizens of Sefton, Council colleagues and partners.

We’re working together to create a culture that embraces change; one which is rewarding, and encourages creative thinking and innovation.

Services offered

Architecture and quantity surveying
Building maintenance and M&E design
Engineering design
Property management
Highways management and street lighting

and from the Liverpool Daily Echo of 25 November 2011.

SEFTON Council last night confirmed plans to tear up a £65m contract outsourcing swathes of the authority’s services to the private sector.

Council leaders claimed the contract was not delivering the savings which were anticipated when the deal was stuck.

Capita was awarded the contract to deliver the borough’s technical services after forecasting it would save 5.5% of Sefton’s predicted cost of doing the work in-house.

The engineering giant said it would invest £7.39m in people, processes and new technology and create 100 new jobs within the first five years.

But Sefton Unison union leader Glen Williams last night said the firm had failed to meet its promises.

So what is happening in Barnet Council? The planned outsourcing for 10 years of services grouped togther as DRS (Development & Regulatory Services) which are

So similar services are to be outsourced in Barnet with Capita Symonds being one of the two remaining bidders. The contract is set for 10 years with a possible 5 year extension. All shockingly familiar and very doubtful that anyone from Barnet Council has been on a train to Sefton to find out the reason why they are pulling the plug early but we wouldn't know as no-one is saying where they physically went, probably because no-one left the Town Hall to go anywhere.

Come back in 2018 to find out if Barnet Council appointed Capita Symonds and if they then let them go five years later.

Change costs money. Changing to Capita will cost money and local jobs and mess up people's lives, changing back will cost more money again.

Why don't Barnet simply sign up for 5 years with an easy get out clause?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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