4 December 2012

Promise me you'll.........

Any body that makes irrational decisions faces the risk of judicial reviews. It might be hard to find a less rational body than Barnet Council and inevitably the JRs are starting to formulate.

Despite legal aid, some funds will be required.

Can you help?

Mr Mustard submitted the first promise. please help.
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The text is not very large so here it is again.


Barnet Alliance is trying to rally financial support for concerned local resident John Sullivan who has taken the decision to instruct lawyers to seek a Judicial Review of the One Barnet programme on behalf of his daughter Susan.

We will be holding an Auction of Promises as a fundraiser towards this cause.  An Auction of Promises is where people make a promise to donate their time, skill or an experience.  Bidders then bid to win the items which will be listed and circulated in a flier, and the highest bidder wins.  It is all extremely easy and can raise an enormous amount of money.

Would YOU be prepared to offer a Promise of something? All of us have a skill that we could offer and it costs us nothing but would raise a lot of money for the Fighting Fund.  It could be an afternoon’s gardening, an evening’s baby-sitting, a haircut, a massage or reflexology session etc.  If you own a restaurant or pub, you could donate a meal.  Anything that would raise money by people bidding for it is needed.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – just an hour or two of your time doing something that someone else would be prepared to bid and pay for.  The more diverse the Promises the more we raise.

Once we have 20-30 promises, we will send a flier round detailing how to bid for the Promises.  Promises need to be received by us by Sunday 16th December.  The flier will then be circulated the following week with instructions on how to bid for the Promises and the closing date.  It’s simple – the highest bid wins!!

Please email BarnetAllianceAuction@gmail.com with your Promises by Sunday 16th December!

Many thanks!

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