24 December 2012

Taking stock of library books

Reducing a stock
Following on from Friday's blog about the slowly reducing spending on library book stock, all brought about by Roger's blog at the Barnet Eye, Mr Mustard's friend also obtained for him the stock figures going back to 31 March 2000 and here they are:
2000 865,558
2001 866,429
2002 620,000
2003 597,062
2004 521,402
2005 537,850
2006 536,175
2007 502,393
2008 482,872
2009 485,662
2010 489,900
2011 469,836
2012 477,999

and in the much more easy to digest form of a table

click to enlarge, back to return
which is very interesting. As the spend has been going down the book stock level follows it but with a 5 year lag which is possibly the average life of a library book. Stock can only have gone up a smidgen in 2012 by buying less expensive books or by not throwing old books away as soon as in previous years.

Apart from the fantastically innovative Friern Barnet people's library, which sadly only has <6 weeks to go in its current format, although Pete Phoenix isn't so named for nothing (we can expect another library to rise from the ashes) it is evident that libraries are only treading water in Barnet.

The strategic library review foresees a reduction in the budget of £1,410,000 over the next 3 years. That is going to help our libraries, isn't it? It is what Robert Rams has put his name to. He couldn't have got it completely wrong could he?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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