8 December 2012

Something to look forward to

Recent news coming out of Hendon Town Hall has been relentlessly negative for residents and for staff and Mr Mustard thought that rather than spending his time writing a meeting report that wasn't

as timely as Roger's over at the Barnet Eye

as direct as Citizen Barnet's except that she has been so busy causing delicious trouble she hasn't had time to write herself up (Mr Mustard predicts that Citizen Barnet will be taking her thermos off to Starbucks somewhere in North London this morning, with a bit of luck it will be the same police team as Thursday, familiar faces on both sides)

as instructive as Mr Reasonable's 

as amusing as Mrs Angry's 

as visible as Amanda Christie's 

as festive as Reema Patel's

and Brian Coleman's accurate independent account (Brian is getting the hang of this blogging lark, just wait till he gets twittering properly, one small correction though Brian my gusset was not moist thank you very much and in actual fact you may not even have seen me quietly tweeting from the back of room 2 from a seated position)

that he decided instead to give you something to look forward to. It seems that London borough elections take place on the first Thursday of the month every 4 years except if the first Thursday is the 1st of the month so the most likely date for the next borough wide election is 8 May 2014.

Of course, if One Barnet goes even further off the rails than it already has in the One Barnet parking contract with NSL, and it will, then anyone with honour will resign and anyone without any honour will probably find themselves being vocally called upon to resign and the recipients of blog posts, emails, letters and petitions to go.

So here is the countdown clock

and here, ward by ward, are the candidates that need to go as they have all taken an active part in, or failed to curb the stupidity of their Cabinet colleagues (One Barnet Cabinet members in red) with the odd exception

Brunswick Park

Lisa Rutter
Andreas Tambourides


Kate Salinger (except that Mr Mustard would vote for Kate if he was in her ward)

East Barnet

Barry Evangeli
Robert Rams
Joanna Tambourides


Helena Hart
Joan Scannell
Darrell Yawitch

Finchley Church End

Eva Greenspan
Graham Old
Daniel Thomas

Hampstead Garden Suburb

Andrew Harper
John Marshall
Daniel Seal

Golders Green

Dean Cohen
Melvin Cohen
Rueben Thompstone


Thomas Davey
Brian Gordon
Hugh Rayner


Maureen Braun
Anthony Finn
Mark Shooter

High Barnet (Mr Mustard's ward, future blog title in May 14 "A golden goodbye to goldenarse"?)

David Longstaff
Bridget Perry
Wendy Prentice

Mill Hill

John Hart
Sury Khatri
Brian Schama


Sachin Rajput
Brian Salinger
Stephen Sowerby


Alison Cornelius
Richard Cornelius


Andrew Strongolou
Rowan Turner

Time to do some gardening.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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