6 December 2012

Petty management

Picture credit: Barnet Alliance for Public Services
This morning, workers of the council were asked by the security personnel at the gates of the council offices whether they intend to participate in the demonstration.

Those who affirmed , were not allowed in with their cars! This is against the staff parking policy that Nick Walkley put out months ago in which staff were told not to park in the surrounding roads.

The culture of intimidation of workers reached new heights.

(This is not the fault of the security guards who work for the landlords and not the council.)

The council really couldn't give a toss for the employees who are going to be made redundant. A small peaceful and polite demonstartion is a sign that democray exists. Oh, this is Barnet Council we are talking about, how silly of Mr Mustard to use the word democracy.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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