11 April 2014

We will be slow but you mustn't be

"IT" should have read "I.T." standing for Information Technology.
This scruffy note was being inserted into PCN envelopes whilst the parking enforcement software was being changed from Civica to ICES.

So it is OK for the council to be slow but if you fail to pay, during a time when the on-line payment facility was not available, then it is your fault that the council couldn't upgrade in 2 days over a weekend which would have been the best approach.

As it happens you don't need to fret about the council being slow. If they take longer than 56 days to respond to your formal representations, the ones you sent in after receiving the Notice to Owner, the council are deemed to have accepted them. So, sit tight, be quiet and let the days tick by.

If the council don't respond to your informal challenge, the one you sent in when you found a PCN on your car, and then send you a Notice to Owner, that is a procedural impropriety following the Hackney Drivers Association Ltd judicial review and you can quote PATAS decision 213064382A as being one that followed the same reasoning, in your Appeal to PATAS.

If your resident permit has run out, and you can't get it renewed, then you should follow this advice from the council

Through this period of change, your vehicle registration number has been sent to our enforcement partners NSL, so that they do not issue this vehicle with a penalty charge notice. However, as this is a manual work around until our permit system maintenance is completed, if you do receive a PCN during this time we ask that you call us immediately, where we resolve this instantly for you.

Please call us on 020 8359 7446.

We will contact you when our systems are available for you to complete your application in full.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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