15 April 2014

NSL - 700 PCN not issued as out of time

Take the bus and you won't get a PCN
Minutes of a management meeting show that at 9 April 13 there were 700 Regulation 10 PCN which had not been issued on time. If they were £110 value PCN and 50% were paid inside 14 days and 20% at full price the council will have lost income of £34,650 or 21 day's worth of savings that NSL are meant to have brought us. (A Regulation 10 PCN is when the PCN is sent by post because of a drive away or because the traffic warden was physically prevented from serving).

Civica, the software supplier, said that progression of the PCN had not been configured (correctly) so it is all down to NSL (as the process worked when Barnet Council was in charge of it).

One Barnet, it isn't working is it?

Parking is such a vital service to the reputation of the council that it is foolish to entrust it to a contractor who has no connection with the borough other than as a cash cow.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. A lot of councils try it on and issue out of time, (illegaly, of course), relying on motorists ignorance of the time limit, and parking law generally. I see from today's Daily Telegraph, that the Government are promising to at least act on CCTV. I can't see anything happening with several hundred million pounds going into council coffers. They will make a huge fuss.


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