2 April 2014

Costs of One Barnet outsourcing : parking

The One Barnet outsourcing is meant to save money.

The parking contract with NSL is a One Barnet contract.

It is meant to save £600,000 a year.

Some of that has been lost because of the way in which the staff were dealt with when NSL took over (NSL are innocent in this matter apart from their business decision to manage the Barnet back office from Croydon). The story is in the local paper, the Barnet Times. That expensive town hall tax dodging interim HR expert doesn't seem to have been worth the money they were paid.

The amount at issue which the council will have to pay out is in the region of £200,000 so that is 4 months out of the 60 the contract is scheduled for which won't show a saving.

There are more failings which Mr Mustard will tell you about soon.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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