17 April 2014

Parking Mad - Tonight - BBC1 at 9pm

in which Mr Mustard makes his white booted appearance (oh dear, described as a crime against fashion by Mrs Angry's daughter who has her own blog, here). Mr Mustard hasn't had the pleasure of meeting Maddy yet but will be sure to dress "properly" if there is a chance that he might.

Mr Mustard also name-checked Mr Reasonable, and Barnet is stuffed full of bloggers who are all well worth following and the other member of the famous four (the fifth having escaped to Nottingham) is Roger at The Barnet Eye.

Do keep reading the soap opera that is Barnet.

Here is a link to the programme on iplayer .

Three more episodes yet to go featuring other people and places.


  1. Well done mate, keep up the good work!!

  2. I watched Parking Mad last night - you're doing brilliant stuff. And here in Carmarthenshire we are all also very grateful to both you and Mrs Angry for the support you've given Jacqui. I assume you are following the shenanigans with Carms CC and Pembs CC?

  3. Jacqui was badly treated and we are only a hop, skip and a jump from the High Court and so happy to support. Plus, what happened to Jacqui could have happened to any of us. Bloggers must stick together.

  4. First class job my good man.

  5. Well done on your victory


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