24 April 2014

Internal audit now agree with armchair auditor Mr Mustard

For almost 2 years Mr Mustard has been reporting on the failures of the NSL contract. No-one at the council (well no-one in power anyway) seemed to care or even, Richard Cornelius told a public meeting that the contract was making savings, how would he have known? Finally, Internal Audit have caught up with Armchair Audit (forget External Audit who have their eyes on a bigger prize; the NHS).

Here is the accurate state of the One Barnet / NSL parking enforcement contract

Imagine if the enforcement and bailiff processes were also to be audited what a catalogue of catastrophe would come to light?

Mr Mustard has submitted some questions about this report to Audit Committee which is next Tuesday 29 April at 7pm at Hendon Town Hall with Lord Palmer (he is Monroe to the bloggers, a gentleman who now has bigger fish to fry in the House of Lords) and just to make his last chairing of a meeting memorable and exciting Mr Mustard is busy thinking up some devilish curve ball questions for him to try to hit out of the park.

Mr Mustard does hope that Monroe will be free for a glass of something refreshing in the Greyhound afterwards - an emailed invitation has been sent.

One Barnet, the commissioning Council, really isn't working.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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