28 July 2021

Edinburgh - two PCNs within 24 hours

It isn't beyond the skill set of the software coder to design a PCN issuing system which doesn't allow a PCN to be issued when it isn't lawful such as when only one contravention has been committed. There isn't, of course, any money for the council in such a move. There is reputational damage but councils seem to be more interested in revenue raising than what people think of them.

Today Mr Mustard goes north of the border to Edinburgh where they don't know parking law. Here is an extract from the Adjudicator's decision in the case of Mr S

The council's submissions were, in Mr Mustard's view, imprecise and confusing (absolute garbage) and didn't, as they often don't, get to the heart of the matter; they are often obfuscatory (Mr Mustard cuts through nonsense like that and a professional lay representative was also instructed in this case).
The adjudicator swiftly reached their conclusion

Point 1 is trite law.

Point 2 is an interesting aside. Mr Mustard once considered a vehicle which managed to commit three simultaneous contraventions which possibly were being partially on the pavement at a dropped kerb with double yellow lines. 

The adjudicator then rubbed the council's nose in their actions

For 18 years The City of Edinburgh Council have accepted that only one PCN can be issued to a vehicle on double yellow lines which does not move and yet they issued two PCNs in this case.

Are they stupid, forgetful or dishonest? Who knows, what they have, in common with Brent, Barnet & Hillindon Councils whose shenigans have recently featured on the blog, is a propensity to make mistakes in their own financial favour. How convenient.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard 


  1. As only about 1% of PCN recipients bother to appeal to adjudicators, they just cough-up the money, so the council are laughing all the way to the bank, because there are no sanctions whatever on them for thumbing their noses at adjudicators and carrying on in the same old way. Only when officials can possibly go top jail for ignoring adjudicator decisions will anything happen. Remember, shame has been abolished in the UK so councils couldn't care less what their image is with the public they purport to serve.

  2. So you could park on a double yellow line for two weeks and only get one ticket? Cheaper than a car park!


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