2 June 2020

Salters Hill - Crystal Palace - again

Mr Mustard blogged about this location earlier in the year, here.

What do you do if there isn't a car coming towards you?
Yes, you drive past the give way to oncoming vehicles sign.

What do Lambeth Council do if you do that and then a vehicle appears after you have passed the sign?
Yes, they send you a PCN in the post.

What can you do to avoid a vicious and stupid Lambeth PCN?
The only thing that Mr Mustard can see is to sit there forever.
That will make you popular.

Fortunately, an adjudicator has got the measure of Lambeth.
If they carry on as they are they will get hit for costs for wholly unreasonable or vexatious behaviour.
Here is the adjudicator's decision. Case no. 2200135565

Such desperation to rake in £130 from an innocent driver.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

1 comment:

  1. I fear this determination "to rake in" Penalty Charge cash will prove irresistible to Councils trying to "back fill" their coffers.
    Trouble is, so many Councils I know about seem to have accepted PCNs as a handy and lucrative tax, that many people no longer believe any changes have any purpose beyond more highway robbery.

    Every case where a council acts unreasonably and unfairly risks further confirming that suspicion.


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