26 June 2020

A Luton lay-by lash up

Luton Borough Council are inept. Mr Mustard knows that they are short of money as Luton Airport income subsidises council tax but that is no reason to go around giving out nonsense PCNs at ambiguously signed locations, such as in Old Bedford Road to his friend Mr B.

On 13 June they gave a PCN to Mr B who said, 'I was only there one hour and the sign is good for 4 hours'. Quite correct.

Unfortunately, and as Luton Borough Council have failed to realise, the double yellow lines apply up to the building line and so also apply to the lay-by.

A duplicitous collection of lines and signs such as this one create an ambiguity which will be construed against the council.

The solution is to remove the double yellow adjacent to the lay-by. No-one would park in that traffic lane given the existence of the lay-by.

How do councils keep on getting it so wrong?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

1 comment:

  1. They get it so wrong because the more thick and stupid they are the more money they make. Only when severe penalties are applied to them will this cease.


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