23 June 2020

High Street North - Zone A (East Ham in Newham)

There was discussion about this PCN on twitter at the time I was challenging it. Now we have an outcome. This is the spot, near number 66.

with a close up of the sign for you

The formal representations made by the registered keeper was that a blue badge holder was the passenger. There are disabled parking bays in the pedestrian zone and this is the only way to get to them.

The main part of the Notice of Rejection now follows

At this juncture Mr Mustard was instructed. Mr Mustard normally keeps his powder dry until he has seen all of the evidence but this time he blasted the borough with both barrels. Here are the complete Grounds of Appeal to the tribunal (to which other points arising out of the evidence pack could have been added if Newham Council had foolishly contested the case)

Guess what happened next? You are correct, the council ran for the hills.

A big game of bluff. Instead of being £130 up, Newham Council are £30 down (the tribunal fee).

Should you get a PCN for driving off High Street North into Pilgrims Way, adjacent to Primark in East Ham, you are welcome to use any of the grounds that Mr Mustard has set out above that are applicable to your situation.

Newham Council should stop using cctv to enforce at this location. It is intrinsically unfair.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. "Newham Council should stop using cctv to enforce at this location."
    Ah, but the money's too good to miss as most people (98%) cough-up. Newham is probably the most venal and rapacious of the London councils


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