15 June 2020

Barnet Council - revenue before safety

Mr Mustard was out on his long cycle ride this morning. He went via a roundabout route to Codicote. Having found the cafe he planned to use doesn't open on a Monday he pedalled hard back to Barnet to do some carbohydrate loading. The cafe he had planned to use had 2 tables on the pavement and plenty of room to still pass safely by and 3 people were using them as he left town at 9.20 
When he came back at 12.45 the tables were back inside because the council street scene inspector (for want of a better name) had been along and said no licence so no tables and chairs and unless you move them a fixed penalty would be issued. Most cafes have been closed for 2+ months and need a bit of latitude from the council in order to restore profitability and so that social distancing can take place.
All Barnet Council seem to think about is money, nor public health and safety. They should be licensing tables and chairs for a nominal £1 p.a. in 2020 and 2021 as an experiment and in order to try and combat covid. 
Mr Mustard's ride took him though Welwyn. Here is the photo he took of their High Street. All the little shops seemed to be open again.
It has been made one way and the pavement has been widened by coning off part of the road to allow space for people to queue and to pass along the street.
That action of erecting barriers and cones has helps the shopkeepers, it helps the public, helps control the virus, saves lives and protects the NHS. Nothing about it does harm to the council.
Barnet Council - not putting the community first.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. The most venal and rapacious council in all England ? Maybe, but they have a lot of competition !!


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