3 December 2013

The Jackson Roadies guest blog

As far as Mr Mustard can tell the above building was approved in 2011 for the bottom of the garden at 69 Jackson Rd and will tower over the lovely cottages in that road although some planning matters still have to be considered.

Given his opposition to the Cat Hill development one would expect Cllr Robert Rams to have opposed this over-development in his own ward but he hasn't spoken against it, so far as Mr Mustard is aware. Robert might have some trouble getting votes in Jackson Rd next May if this sort of over-development gets voted through.

Nov  21st  2013

Two separate ‘planning applications’ have been submitted to Barnet Council for a 4 and 3 storey block of flats behind number 69 Jackson Roads garden.

If you do not ‘object’ to this proposal within 21 days then one of the block of flats will be built.

Jackson Road is made up of traditional railwayman’s cottages and is a unique road with architectural merit; by letting developers build what they want where they want will destroy the areas charm and well being of people who live near the proposed site.

The developers do not live in Jackson Road or the area and do not care about the negative effects this block of flats will have on the good people and families that make up our great community.

All they care about is the large profit of cash if planning is given, even if that means making us sad and depressed.

They do not care about – the loss of natural light / loss of privacy / loss of quality of life / extra pollution from extra cars and vans / extra noise from 4 flats – human noise, boiler noise /

a negative effect on house prices because of this eye sore / possible flooding sewage and subsidence problems to other properties because of building on this site / a major threat to wildlife in the immediate area including bats, etc

If you are against more major development on or around Jackson Road which is already built up and unable to accommodate any more cars as well spoiling an architectural and historic part of East Barnet, then say no.

Send a letter or e mail or fill out a form on Barnet Councils web site to -

Barnet Council – Ms Mumtaz Shaikh
Planning Services,
Building 4,
North London Business Park,
Oakleigh Road South,
London,N11 1NP

If writing a letter you need to add your name, address, daytime telephone number and email if you have one and quote the Planning application reference –

B/05 234/13.  (four storey block of flats to the rear of 69 Jackson Road.)
B/05 238/13  (three storey block of flats to the rear of 69 Jackson Road)

If you have any further questions please contact Ms. Mumtaz Shaikh , the person from Barnet Council dealing with this, at email -

Jackson Road Neighbourhood Watch enquiries     en4@hotmail.co.uk
Jackson Road FaceBook Page  -  The Jackson Roadies


  1. Well done for highlighting this unbelievable planning application that, if built will not only have a negative effect on the charm and historic architictural merit on Jackson Road but also will effect the wildlife and general well being of all residents that surround it who are all saying no - this includes Churchmead Close, Cranbrook Rd and Capel Rd. The three Tory councillors have not replied to our cries of help and support and also have refused to give answers as to why this planning application was initially agreed ( 2 years ago ) when there were 50 local residents who objected. Do I smell a fish !! Deadline to object to these two planning applications is 12th Dec. 2013

  2. It's rather hard to believe East Barnet's three ward Councillors (all Tories) protest vehemently about the Cat Hill development just up the road, which is technically not within their ward, but fall silent on planning applications within their midst. One has to ask what franly is the point of Councillors - who are supposed to serve the local residents (many of whom voted them in) - if they ignore or simply cannot be bothered to answer our questions. This is simply not good enough.
    It's also not the first time the elected Councillors have sat on their hands when pressed on issues - e.g. the recent poor state of pavements in Churchill Road, East Barnet village. After more than two years of correspondece directly with the Council it fell to local residents to liaise with the Council and sort matters out. We are happy to say it worked out in the end, but with virtuall no support from any our ward Councillors. Shocking.


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