12 April 2013

We are not watching you - cctv in Barnet

True to recent form Barnet Council want to wash their hands of direct management control over another aspect of council activity - this time, cctv.

It is bad enough that we are so watched by cctv cameras, with one for every 14 people in the country, without the council handing our moving pictures over to a private company over whom they will only have theoretical control.

Here are the documents

and the business case
and for good measure the Equalities Impact Assessment
they are all verbose and not an easy read but don't blame Mr Mustard for that as they are the council's documents. You can see the originals at this page here which also tells you the date, time and place of the meeting. This meeting deals mainly with money and it follows on from the 7pm meeting of the cabinet which makes the big decisions that matter and it seems they only need an hour to do that in, probably because they decide beforehand in private and the public meeting is just a bit of theatre to placate the masses (and because it is the law).

Mr Mustard has asked permission of the Chairman to comment for 5 minutes but apparently, per Mr Reasonable who knows about these things, the right is never granted. It would make them 5 minutes late for dinner. Mr Mustard also plans to send in a few questions which will then give him the right to ask supplementary questions. You too can send questions in. Do it by Tuesday 10am to andrew.nathan@barnet.gov.uk

Mr Mustard looks forward to seeing you at Hendon Town Hall next Thursday at 8pm (and probably at 7pm for the cabinet meeting)

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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