28 April 2013

The message is simple

The message, part of the internet puff for a new CEO to fill a black hole in the management structure, is simple but also simply wrong and meaningless piffle, we are not "your" residents, we will be here for ever and you councillors and officers are transient. Here is what it should have said.

The message is simple:

We work for the residents;
they are more important than us.

a cynical blogger might suggest the following instead:

The messenger is simple.

but that would be unkind and overly personal.

Another question:

Do residents want the council to outsource for 10 years?


No idea as we haven't consulted them.
The big question is what sort of CEO we will end up with? A cast off failure from another local authority still spending their massive pay-off, an acolyte of Common Purpose (and whose purpose are they most interested in?) or a yes man/woman - time will tell. There is always the possibility that we will get a super-efficient, warm and personable highly skilled team leader with an MBA but given that the appointment will be made by committee it is much harder to choose the best candidate and who, in their right mind, would want to be the CEO of Barnet Council.
More on the CEO advert shortly.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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