2 April 2013

I hope he is paid by the word

Maybe the CEO should come and take tea with you?
Does the following weekly message motivate the staff?

From: First Team
Sent: 28 March 2013 14:54
To: AllStaff
Subject: Weekly message from the Chief Executive

After a busy few months, most of us are now contemplating some time off over the Easter period. I am really pleased with our recent progress across a whole range of challenges, including improving performance across a number of resident-facing measures (but no mention of what they actually were you notice). I would like to thank you all for your efforts in challenging circumstances. (The main challenge is holding onto your job and not having to work for Capita in some remote outpost of the British Isles.)

When we come back after the break, we will be working in our new commissioning model (which Mr Mustard thinks will be an unmitigated disaster) and I am convinced that this will enable us to respond more effectively to the challenges that we face, both in terms of our services to residents and our responsibilities to each other as public servants. (what do the last 8 words mean, can anyone tell Mr Mustard?)

Have a good break. (even though I am unable to bill £2,000 due to having 2 days off)

Andrew (you are expected to know that this is from Andrew Travers, the interim CEO)

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