28 April 2013

Proovfreeder wanted (and a CEO)

Given that we are probably paying £50,000+ to Penna to recruit a new Chief Exec is it too much to hope for materials that are better than the ones we have.

Is it an overview on or an overview of?

The independent councillor didn't get asked?

Shouldn't it be "play the leading role in the implementation"

Shouldn't it be political with a small p?

A key priority (and then list more than one priority and use the word "all"?) for the Chief Executive, as leader of the Board, will be initiating, fostering, encouraging and monitoring a wide range of partners and multi-agency alignment (multi-agency what?) all aimed at the provision of integrated, cost efficient and effective services to the people of Barnet.

and feel able to act as critical friend whilst respecting the democratic process. (sounds like a description of a blogger).

Not good to start a sentence with "But"?

A successful transition and maintaining business as usual will be an initial priority for the new chief executive. Isn't this two priorities?

The values and behaviours play an important part of how they ‘do business’ and (they) would want a chief executive who feels passionately about engaging citizens, employees and partners in an aligned organisation where values and behaviours are lived, not just written on the wall. Shouldn't it be "in" how they do business? Are values and behaviours written on the wall in your office?

The organisational structure in Barnet has recently undergone major change with a number of services outsourced and delivery structured into clearly accountable units the leadership team of the Council has been reorganised to reflect these changes and support the Commissioning Council approach. Might Mr Mustard suggest a full stop after the word "units" and then a capital letter on "The".

The SCB will drive the strategic future of Barnet to deliver the political mandate and ensure that the services delivered, by whatever method are the most effective and cost efficient for residents. How about a comma after "method"?

So that is enough of Penna. A quick note about the timetable. Applications have to be in by 20 May 13. Why have the council been so slow to try and fill the post, anyone would think it is unimportant? The interim appointment of Andrew Travers was approved at Remuneration Committee on 24 October 12. Why is it only 6 months later that recruitment is getting going? An appointment won't be made until after the full council meeting of 16 July.

Any chance of a Barnet person being suitable for the role? Only 350,000 residents to choose from.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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