28 March 2014

Those PATAS Appeals keep rolling in

Rolling, rolling, rolling
Those Appeal forms to PATAS keep rolling in with another 82 submitted last week. 

PATAS Barnet Londonwide

Appeals Appeals %
Mon 15 259 6
Tues 17 283 6
Weds 19 246 8
Thurs 20 191 10
Fri 11 230 5
Sat - -
Total 82 1,209 7

PCN issued Barnet London %
Year to March 13 165,569 4,283,964 4

That makes 518 in the last 5 weeks (the trend was downwards but this week is likely to see an increase and next week probably will as Mr Mustard already has 4 Barnet ones to file). If we take 2 weeks out for Xmas and Easter when people, on the whole, tend not to do their paperwork (although hundreds of people did file their tax return on Xmas Day) we have 50 weeks in the year and that would give us something like 5,200 Appeals in a year out of 165,000 PCN issued in Barnet which is 3.1%. The figure often quoted for Appeals is that only 1% are appealed but Mr Mustard makes it 1.4% for London last year.

What we can see from the number of Appeals is that the motorists of Barnet have had enough. They have had enough of dodgy parking tickets and are fighting back using the system which exists for that purpose.

So we are up to 5,200 Appeals to PATAS a year which means that the council have to contribute £200,000 to the budget of PATAS. Can you make it 8,000 a year by this time next year? That would be a 5% Appeal rate and somewhat exceptional in London.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. One does hope the council see sense, but this seems in short supply in councils throughout the land. Maybe if they actually read and acted upon the guidance in the Statutory Guidance, they would not have to spend so much money on PATAS ! They have a legal duty to "have regard to" the guidance, so where is this recorded ? Nowhere of course !


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