24 March 2014

Tea & Cake / Peas & Dill

Mr Mustard is self evidently a fan of food and yesterday evening he had the pleasure of having for his dinner some French beans in Sweet tomato sauce, Lemon Spinach & Rice and Peas & Dill on a bed of sticky Potato Puree. These dishes had been given to him at the 80th birthday party of Friern Barnet Community Library at which he had also consumed tea & cake. Mr Mustard spent most of yesterday eating fine food as he breakfasted at Cafe Buzz and his dinner included Iranian Rice Pudding which an Iranian friend likes to give to him. 

The party was a fabulous gathering of people who realise how important libraries are (no, councillors Robert Rams and Richard Cornelius were not there) and there was a great outpouring of happiness and brotherly/sisterly love. The council have by their actions in closing this library made Friern Barnet a more together, friendly, big society place. It's a funny old world.

Mr Mustard bumped into many old friends and some news ones, like two gentlemen from Barnet Participates which is taking place next Sunday although sadly Mr Mustard's diary is, as ever, full to bursting with social events (he feels sure that at least one blogger will be there as it is hard to find an event in Barnet when there isn't one). Do go.

Do also please support Peas & Dill (their food is absolutely delicious) Mr Mustard plans to, he has friends coming for dinner soon who will be eating their offerings which Mr Mustard will not pass off as his own.

good enough to eat
You will find the website of Peas & Dill here and they even deliver free in N3 and charge a ridiculously small amount to go as far as High Barnet.

Peas & Dill are a small local business working out of a home kitchen (they won't be there for long as they must inevitably grow) and are just the sort of small business that we want in the world and Barnet more particularly.

What are you waiting for, get yourself booked up for Barnet Participates on Sunday, food and humour at the end of the day (what is there to lose) and order food for your next gathering of family and friends here.

Good luck to both enterprises.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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