11 March 2014

Barnet cases were 7% of Appeals to PATAS last week

PATAS Barnet Londonwide

Appeals Appeals %
Mon 21 272 8
Tues 18 307 6
Weds 21 234 9
Thurs 23 245 9
Fri 17 317 5
Sat - -
Total 100 1,375 7

PCN issued Barnet London %
Year to March 13 165,569 4,283,964 4

Slightly down on the 8% of the two previous weeks the number of Appeals to PATAS show no sign of abating at 7% of all Appeals based on having issued 4% of the PCN in London.

How long before we have a week when Appeals against Barnet Council PCN make up 10% of Appeals?

Come on folks, Mr Mustard knows you can do it.

Don't meekly roll over and pay. Make the council fight for the money. They'll only waste it, you can do that just as well yourselves.

CPZ permit reminders

Mr Mustard is not convinced that permit reminders are going out and this is leading to extra PCNs. Stop what you are doing, oh reading this blog, and pop to your car and check the date now. You can pay for and print out a permit online if you have the internet at home (or at the library).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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