30 August 2013

Green motoring costs more in Barnet

In this article in the Barnet Times about £200,000 which is being prematurely and expensively spent in Barnet (and if Boris wasn't giving the borough a refund these 4 charging points would not be installed at all) the Cabinet member with responsibility for transport, Dean Cohen, said the following:

“We have already shown a willingness to support electric vehicles in Barnet and over the coming months we will be looking at ways to increase the number of electric charge points if we can.

Electric cars are becoming more popular around the country, especially in London and we want to make sure that Barnet is ahead of the curve. We are keen to hear from owners of electric cars about where they would most like charging points to be located."

This is the usual self serving guff that councillors, or the PR department, come out with. The facts don't warrant an increased number of points. 351 electric vehicles registered in Greater London in the last 3 years spread across 32 London Boroughs means that around 4 are likely to have been registered in Barnet each year. They will have a charging point apiece.

If Barnet Council are so keen to support electric vehicles they will of course reduce the cost of a CPZ permit, won't they?

Council website

So a "green" permit costs £52.50 for a year, whereas one for a petrol or diesel car costs £40, see the link here.

If that is what counts for support at Barnet Council, count Mr Mustard out.

That £200,000 could have provided us with 40 coin operated parking meters, now that would have been money well spent in providing a service that people want to use.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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