8 August 2013

CPZ permit reminder

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Mr Mustard thought you might like to be reminded who got us into this CPZ permit price mess so off he went and did some research. The above table is from the agenda for a meeting of Cabinet Resources Committee of 11 January 2011 and the following councillors were present;

Chair: Daniel Thomas
Members : Andrew Harper, Richard Cornelius & Robert Rams.
Brian Coleman was absent.

A petition with 2324 signatories opposing the increase in motoring taxes was received by the Committee. An addendum to the Cabinet Member’s report was tabled at the meeting; and for the reasons set out in the Cabinet Member’s report, the Committee

RESOLVED – That the fees and charges for Environment and Operations, detailed in the appendices to the Cabinet Member’s report, be approved in principle, but for the final decision to be taken by Cabinet on 14 February 2011 following full consideration of the detailed outcomes of the budget consultation and any responses received. The fees and charges will take effect as soon as reasonably practicable.

Let us move on then to the Valentine's Day meeting of Cabinet which was prior to Richard Cornelius becoming leader.

Members, in alphabetical order of surname:

Melvin Cohen
Brian Coleman
Richard Cornelius
Andrew Harper
Helena Hart
Sachin Rajput
Robert Rams
Joanna Tambourides
Daniel Thomas

Mr Mustard was not present but doubtless everyone said aye.

The report included the following at para 9.1

The fees and charges levied on users of Council services have been reviewed as part of the development for the 2011/12 budget and Council tax setting. Fees and charges are an important element of Council income as they contribute approximately £80m per year to the cost of delivering services, which is not then required to be met from Council tax. The Environment and Operations element of this total is approximately £22.5 million, of which, around half relates to parking.

and at 9.2

This report seeks approval to any changes that are higher than could be reasonably taken to be in line with that definition.

which was a clear a statement as could probably be made that parking charges (for permits & vouchers) were needed to subsidise Council Tax.

As well as reviewing the level of £40 (the £42 charge was never implemented) and the £75 charges and the £1 per visitor voucher it looks like the following charges will also need to be reviewed as they were increased at the same time as the unlawful charges and are therefore likely to be unlawful (just not tested in Court). Let us see what happens in the next few months.

Existing charges and old ones in brackets
Amendments and permits refunds £20 (£nil)
Green permits £50 (£15)
3 month permit £240 (£37)
Doctors permit £200 (£160)
Community permit 1st £100 (£75) (sic)
Community permit 2nd £125 (£42) (sic)
Community permit 3rd £150 (£75)
Essential service vouchers £20 (£12)
Suspensions £60 per space (£60 admin + £7 per space) both per day.

I am sure that in the run-up to May 2014 if you are canvassing votes in the wards which any of the above Cabinet (or ex Cabinet) members are standing you will remind voters of what they voted for and question whether they are fit and proper people to represent you, as they didn't listen to the siren voices at the time but blindly drove on with their policy which has been shown to be unlawful. How they even have the nerve to stand after having been found to have broken the law is a moral question that only they can answer. If you are a voter and get visited, do ask them.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

p.s. Don't forget to claim your money back for the overcharge. Read this blogpost, here.

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