28 June 2021

Barnet Council - simply getting the law wrong


A car was parked here, outside the section of dropped kerb which serves the front door and bins, carefully leaving clear the right hand section which could be used to park a small vehicle. A PCN was issued by a Barnet Council traffic warden. The motorist challenged it as he knew he wasn't blocking a private drive, a cycle lane or a place where pedestrians cross the road. The absence of a cycle lane or parking place is patently obvious. Mr Mustard will leave the question of pedestrians crossing the carrigeway for the moment.

The response to the challenge is below:

The legislation does not cover 'any' dropped footway, only those for one of three statutory purposes, viz:

So, would a pedestrian cross at this locale? The norm is that one would expect to see a similar dropped kerb in the footway on the other side of the road, often with tactile paving. Here is the view from further away from the property in question:

Who would be crossing the road here? The traffic warden got it wrong and this has been compounded by the back office getting it wrong.

This should not be happening.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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