24 April 2020

Hammersmith & Fulham - pandemic parking enforcement

Mr Mustard is moving to Fulham. Not only have they answered the FOI fairly quickly, they have slacked off parking enforcement more than any other local authority in London and ... oh, musn't spoil the story.

Mr Mustard is sorry to see so many traffic wardens off sick.

Mr Mustard is delighted to see so many traffic wardens doing something else, H&F must be one of the few boroughs which still manages its parks properly. Social distancing in a densely populated borough such as H&F will really help to keep the numbers of infected people down, stats by borough here.

Now that is what you call cutting back. Codes 01 and 02 are single and double yellow lines, with and without loading restrictions.
Code 62 is parking on the footway.
Code 21 is a suspended bay.

Please also don't block anyone's drive (as you may get towed, Mr Mustard didn't ask about towing away as he didn't want to ask too many questions) park in a disabled bay or on crossing zig zags.

By far the safest borough in which to be a traffic warden. Note the use of bodycam in the parks.

Hammersmith and Fulham get Mr Mustard's star prize, this round of applause, as they have truly backed off enforcing and found other more useful duties for the wardens (Mr Mustard just hopes they have been properly trained and are using nudge theory to educate people to stay apart).

H&F have just shown up every other council in London when it comes to parking (TfL are to be praised as well for suspending the LEZ, ULEZ and congestion charge).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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