21 April 2020

Croydon - pandemic parking enforcement

Croydon have answered pretty quickly, 14 days, having warned Mr Mustard that they might be delayed in responding due to the pandemic so well done Croydon Council for that.

You know the questions by now.

That is good, not a single CEO (traffic warden) off sick. Perhaps they work from home or have a huge depot, or all work different times but whatever it was, something has stopped them from being sick.

'Supporting the police' usually amounts to them going into parks, telling people they should move on and then phoning the police to report loiterers and the police may or may not have the time at that moment to follow up the report.

So that is residents bays (there should be an apostrophe but it is never used on signs) which you are safe to park in and not paying to park in a car park (and perversely staying after the expiry of paid for time which you didn't need to pay for) and permit bays in car parks are free to use. If however you park for free outside of the bay marking a PCN is still possible, although whether traffic wardens will visit a car park Mr Mustard does not know. Always best to park neatly. Stay out of loading bays, doctors bays, disabled bays etc unless you qualify to use them. Stay off the pavement (except where marked) away from dropped kerbs and off yellow lines during their hours of operation.

No PPE. That really isn't good.
Clean assigned equipment should be the norm.

Overall, a reasonable relaxation of enforcement by Croydon, they'll still be able to issue loads of PCNs to the unwary.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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