21 November 2018

Tilling Road - Barnet Council get it right!

Tilling Road into Brentfield Gardens is a route that many motorists wrongly use to save about 10 seconds going up to the roundabout and they find it costs them £130.

Mr Mustard doesn't usually fight PCNs at that location as there are two no left turn signs, an arrow on the road and a blue go straight arrow so his sympathy runs out.

However, he came across a tribunal decision which held that the vital sign on the left was turned away from the driver, which is why the no entry sign is visible, the sign you need to see is on the back.

He challenged a recent PCN and to his surprise the council made a correct and reasonable decision. He isn't used to those.

Incidentally, in a moving traffic case there isn't a PCN and a Notice to Owner, only a PCN. The danger of cut and paste.

If you get a Tilling Road PCN best check the photographs on line here

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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