29 July 2017

Box junction quiz

It has been ages since Mr Mustard had a poll on twitter so he thought he would set you a little test.

Read this, the box junction contraventions rules, as set out in the snappily titled The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Direction 2016 (those in the business talk about the TSRGD) which every motorist is deemed to know as ignorance of the law is no excuse. Mr Mustard's paper copy set him back £65 and runs to 547 pages which he has thumbed extensively and annotated.

Now watch the video at the top, the car which turns right.

Does it commit a contravention deserving of a PCN, by law?

Mr Mustard will give you a hint, that Barnet Council thought so, well at least in the eyes of their contractor NSL who are contracted to check the computer generated cctv clip before a PCN is authorised for issue. Mr Mustard can, of course, be a bit mischievous and the fact that he says that Barnet Council have issued a PCN may be no clue at all as to whether their action is correct, as they are a council who regularly go off the rails.

You decide. See you on twitter.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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