26 February 2016

The 271 - route change sounds like a bad idea

Dear Mr Mustard

I saw you dropped a comment on Twitter to Highgate Forum about the 271 proposals.

My mother lives in North Road and is absolutely horrified by the proposed plans, as am I.

Essentially, they are moving the 271 out of Highgate Village, a broadly commercial area, and into North Road, a broadly residential area. That means that she will have 7 buses parked across from her house, revving their engines at night to keep warm.

More significantly, they plan to reduce North Rd to a single lane in each direction. This means that at school drop off/ pick up times, whenever a house or business receives a delivery (like the Red Lion and Sun does every Monday at 9am), or when an ambulance has to pick someone up, the road will be impassable. Completely.

The petrol station does not think his fuel tanker will be able to deliver and the Red Lion and Sun are worried about the fact that a new mini roundabout will be plonked in front of their garden with 20 odd buses per hour trying to U turn there. They anticipate the noise and fumes will impact on their trade.

I suspect the traffic will back up into Highgate Village and down North Road. Not so pretty.

Also, there are no cycle paths.

Anyway, if you fancy responding to the consultation, you can find it here

Much love


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  1. "consulation" is what we use to have on the old British Rail. We also had "negotiation". Some subjects were consultation, and some negotiation. Staff rosters were negotiation, organisational structures were consultation.
    It was accepted that with consultation, management were forced to listen to staff concerns, but then completely free to do what they proposed without any changes.

    With Transport for London, you can bet your bottom dollar that TfL management look upon consultation as a box-ticking exercise to be undergone because the law says they must. Their minds will have been made up months ago.


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