23 July 2015

If this isn't loading, what is?

So here we go again with the Helen Michael of Cafe Buzz, N12 blog posts.

Helen is of the view that traffic wardens are out to get North Finchley because of her persistent criticism of the removal of parking meters and of over zealous traffic wardens. They are certainly keen when it comes to Helen's car or the Cafe Buzz van.

Here are Helen's own words about the incident (Tracey is one of Helen's friends and she is no stranger to Mr Mustard's assistance, and the hairdresser is located behind Cafe Buzz, i.e. adjacent to the car)

I'd only just pulled up and was getting cardboard together when I spotted him. 

I explained what I was doing and he totally ignored me and carried on.

There was Tracey and I and the hairdresser as witnesses.

Clearly in the time of observing the car and then issuing the PCN the traffic warden will have seen Helen loading up her car with cardboard (It's a Saab, it was Skoda soft tops that in the old days were known as skips) and so his note about whether loading was seen or not will be very interesting.

Secondly Helen told him anyway so why didn't he wait two minutes to see if it was the truth? In Mr Mustard's experience there are a number of apparently deaf & mute traffic wardens.

Traffic wardens are meant to be highly trained in order to speak to the public. Mr Mustard's experience is that a lot of them dish out the silent treatment. Helen should file a complaint about this traffic warden as clearly a refusal to say a single word is not proper behaviour for a customer facing public servant.

Mr Mustard is 99% sure that he will beat this PCN at the independent adjudicator stage if the council decide to waste the c.£40 London tribunals fee by fighting to the end.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. It is clear NSL have instructed their CEOs to target this person even if the PCN is totally unsustainable, the palaver of appealing all the way is an inconvenience and any costs awarded are very low if one can get them. Frankly this organisation need to be investigated by the Parliamentary Committee on Transport for potentially illegal practices.


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