1 August 2014

Help set a better parking policy

Out today is a consultation, link here, about parking policy.

The current way of going on with parking in Barnet was described to the Transport Select Committee as venal and rapacious by a Mr Fraser Mitchell (a man of strong clear opinions which Mr Mustard is all in favour of). Now that takes us so far in letting our council know we are unhappy. What we need next is a clear steer to them as to what we want changing. Mr Mustard got in early when the first draft of the parking policy landed in front of councillors at the Environment Committee and Mr Mustard was rather liberal with his questions and here they are:

Now hopefully that has given you some ideas about how you would like parking policy to be changed. As well as responding to the consultation please comment below with a short list of the ideas you have submitted.

Let's put pressure on the council to stop using parking as a revenue raiser and to only use it to control real serious parking problems.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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