21 August 2014

Crash helmets - theory & practice

This is what the parking specification says about scooterised traffic wardens:

Now look at the traffic warden below. He has a PCN in his hand and did not take his crash helmet off for a moment. This is not an isolated event. Mr Mustard has rarely seen a traffic warden (CEO ) remove their helmet when ticketing.

face blanked out by Mr Mustard

The reason why the contract says that the crash helmets should be removed is probably to show a friendly approachable face to the public (you are allowed to roll around on the floor laughing at this notion) and, Mr Mustard thinks, they are probably less likely to be attacked if you can see and talk to them (although we appear to employ a number of mutes).

This is going to be added as a point of appeal to a PATAS case. If the contract says the helmet should be removed then clearly the traffic warden wasn't issuing a parking ticket at this moment (oh, he has a PCN in his hand).

How is it that the NSL supervisor hasn't noticed his traffic wardens not following the contract? Oh look, here is the council parking manager reading the blog and about to remind NSL what the rules are.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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